Solid pod development

Hi, Global
I have a query in this inrupt documentation. I tried the sample code at this URL: Sample Application — Inrupt Solid React SDK. I am getting an unresolved error, so if you already tried, can you please share the link and mention updated version support?
for next.js and react

Hi Kiran

(same answer as in the other thread)

This demo is not maintained anymore. The issue is known and think the link to the demo “should be removed soon” (Nov 2022: Status of this demo · Issue #51 · inrupt/solid-ui-react-demo · GitHub).

I’ve never used this SDK, so I sadly don’t know if there are other good examples or if the documentation has code examples somewhere else.

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To follow up, many of the examples on the storybook aren’t working now, and I’ve raised this issue on github for a status update.