Doc cleanup in Storybook

Hi. I don’t mean to bark up the ladder, but I found a glaring typo in Storybook.–page


npm i -S @inrupt/solid-react-ui


npm i -S @inrupt/solid-ui-react

I’m playing with my first apps and found this. That first package doesn’t exist. Solid-ui-react does.

I <3 Linux


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Best way to handle this is go to the github repo and file and issue, that way the maintainers can have it listed along with other needed fixes.


Thanks. Can we pitch in on the fixes? I figured there’s some house cleaning on something this big. Us n00bs are looking for ways to pitch in.

Yes, absolutely, that’s why I mentioned it. Best place to start is look through the issues and where you can make the corrections and submit a PR (pull request). Often issues are marked as “good first issue”. Or ping the author in the chatroom and ask how you can help.

Ok. Thank you. I’m a little new to github. I won’t break anything, will I? Sourcesafe was the last group effort of mine, scrawling VB6 on a cave wall.

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Nope, when you create an issue, if it turns out to be a mistake, someone will close it. If you submit a patch, someone will review it. Hit me up if you have problems figuring out how to help.


Thanks for pointing it out @RCD! And yes, it’s be great if you could contribute a fix - it will be reviewed before it is applied.

The repository is here: GitHub - inrupt/solid-ui-react: React SDK using solid-core

The file you’ll want to update is this one, I think: solid-ui-react/usage.stories.mdx at master · inrupt/solid-ui-react · GitHub

The easy way would be to hit the edit button (the pen icon) at the top right-hand corner of the file. If you’re looking to learn a bit more about how Git and pull requests on GitHub work, to make it easier to contribute changes spanning multiple files as well, this documentation might be helpful.

And as Jeff said, feel free to give a shout-out if you need additional pointers!


Ok. The typo is fixed.

The pull request is still open.

I’m not sure what to do next.


Nothing, that’s it :slight_smile: It looks good; once the maintainers take a look and approve and merge it, then it should show up with the next release. Congrats on your first contribution!

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