Solid in universities for student/instruction/research data?

Hi all,

I was wondering if there was a list (or channel) highlighting current projects investigating the use of Solid for storing/managing student and research data within the context of a university setting?

I did found a November 2018 thread where there was some interest for open science / open data purposes.

At a high-level, it would seem that Solid pods could be used to:

  • Provide student with some sort of lifelong digital backpack (potentially important when talking about lifelong learning).
  • Provide faculty with a way to better curate their create scholarship (courses/papers), especially as they move between institutions
  • Address some research data management challenges when applying the linked data concept to what is a research project, who are the contributors, and what datasets are used by the project.

I only have a very rough understand of the project, so I apologize in advance if I am off-base here. Thanks in advance for any pointers or suggestions.



Solid is a good fit for what you have in mind. Unfortunately I do not know of any effords into that direction. You could ask on the chat as well, to get additional reach for your question.

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Hi @The_CFG, dokieli has been made for scholar publication in a LinkedData way with annotations, collab edition…
Solid allow the creation of groups too, that could represent a class / group of students, all groups of student, being part of a University Pod

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Thank you @aveltens and @Smag0 for your replies. Very much appreciated.