Solid Implementer Feedback Session

The Solid Editorial Team would like to increase communication with and receive feedback from community members and organizations who are actively implementing Solid compliant server or client technologies, with an aim to:

  • Learn which features or issues are high / low priority, and where applicable, adjust timelines or editorial priorities. This could impact the order in which features are integrated into Solid specifications
  • Surface, discuss, and track open questions or concerns
  • Learn the best way to structure subsequent sessions, and other mechanisms for feedback (e.g. surveys)

Date: Thursday, 2021-10-21T14:00:00Z
UTC: 2PM / EDT (Boston): 10AM / BST (London): 3PM / CEST (Brussels): 4PM
Duration: 1 Hour

This session is open to the public, and we welcome everyone to attend this session. In an effort to maintain a focus on implementation feedback, only individuals actively engaged in Solid compliant server or client implementation work will be queued to speak by the moderator.

To actively participate, an implementer must:

  1. Be a member of the Solid Community Group

  2. RSVP in advance to Must be able to cite active implementation work. Legitimate citations include links to Github repositories, links to product descriptions on websites, or otherwise credible explanation of active work efforts.

Implementers are requested to submit questions, issues, or topics in advance to, ideally in their RSVP. Given the allotted time, space on the agenda will be limited.

Minutes will be recorded, and posted to

I have no intention of formally joining a group to contribute, and I’m happy to be subjected to the resulting decisions, but it would be great if the outcome of this process was a clear spec versioning process and corresponding release roadmap. Apologies if there is one that I’ve missed.

At the moment, I’m avoiding any possible migration I can get away with.

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Agenda for today’s Implementer Feedback Session is available here:

This document linked above will be updated with the minutes from the session.

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Due to time constraints, we could not attend this time. @justin Do you know if another Feedback Session will be held in the future?