Calls for Feedback

In this topic, calls will be made for feedback on current discussions regarding the specification.
Latest calls: the Solid Community Group Charter

Editors are invited to post calls for feedback on major work items, topics of discussion etc.

PLEASE DO NOT REACT on these calls within this topic !!

Instead, the calls should clearly refer to the correct place of discussion.

People interesting in providing feedback can

  • contribute to the GitHub discussions mentioned in each call;
  • attend the panel meetings refered to in each call;
  • attend the weekly meetings of the Solid Community Group (CG)
    and/or Working Group (WG, upcoming).
  • ask questions or make comments in the specifications chatroom.

As a first call, I would like to invite everyone to take a look at the PR concerning the Solid CG Charter (note: this is different from the WG’s one).*

The charter aims to:

  • Simplify the process.
  • Representative of current working practice.
  • Ensure openness and transparency.
  • Be approachable as well as informative to newcomers.

It is intended to supersede the process outlined in solid/process (README). The current process in general is:

  • Outdated and does not reflect reality.
  • Complicated and convoluted.
  • Dependent roles (such as the “Editors Team”) have been inadequate and inactive for a number of years.

This charter is written in accordance with the W3C Process and aims to remain compatible as much as possible.

PR = GitHub Pull Request
CG = the W3C Solid Community Group
WG = the W3C Solid Working Group
W3C = the World Wide Web Consortium


To anyone still wanting to comment on the upcoming Solid CG Charter: this is a last call! Tomorrow, any still unresolved issues will be discussed during the W3C Solid Community Group meeting. Having reached consensus, the approved charter will be merged on August 8th, and go into effect September 1st.

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