Set up WebRTC via Solid POD


I’ve been looking into direct communication between two browsers. WebRTC is a perfect fit for that, however, you need a STUN server to initiate the connection. Would it be possible to use the Solid POD to set up the connection? I would imagine something like:

  1. Send request from browser A to POD B, including the needed details for WebRTC.
  2. Browser B reads the request from POD B and sends the needed details for WebRTC to POD A.
  3. Once both browsers have all details, they set up the WebRTC connection.

I see that most implementation of WebRTC require to provide ICE/STUN servers to be provided in order to work, so I could not quickly test it using a POD. Anybody has any ideas about this?

IIRC, stun/turn are essentially stateless agents that you can use a separate server to provide your initial connection. You can spin one up for yourself using a different program for your own use, or there are lists around that have freely available server addresses that you can use without setup.

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I think this is also something it would be great to have a user story around. Please go and submit!

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Done. Also note that I’ve successfully done that :smiley: