Server side text indexing

As an app-developer I think it would be very useful if the Solid server implemented some sort of text indexing like most SQL database servers does.


  • Assume a note-taking web-app that lets users write personal notes and store them in their own POD.

  • As a user I would like to find the notes containing the word “Mosquito”.

Such a search is rather in-efficient to do in the browser, where you would have to fetch all known notes and search through the content with JavaScript methods,

It would be much more efficient to query the POD directly if the server had some sort of text indexing.

But maybe it is already doable with SPARQL?


I proposed an app to convert plain text to linked data:

This is what Apache Stanbol does server side, but I think it would be good to do it client side.

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Good question!

It was not standardized in SPARQL 1.1, and I fought very hard for it within the SPARQL WG at the time. But alas. There are a few implementations of it in SPARQL engines though.

Perhaps it could be implemented as an extension of LDFlex? Or perhaps we should pillage the ElasticSearch API for parts?

I think this is also something it would be great to have a user story around. Please go and submit!

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