Keyword search on a POD rdf resource

Hi, I would like to send a HTTP GET request to search a keyword in object of a specific RDF resource in my POD in CSS SOLID server. Do you know how to encode my HTTP GET request for this keyword search? Does SOLID need to have SPARQL endpoint? or I need to write a search app? Thanks for your advice.

Any RDF file can serve as a SPARQL endpoint, so you can just query it with SPARQL. Or you can use tools such as rdflib or solid-client to retrieve the file and cyle through it’s statements, e.g finding those using the predicate you are interested in. You can also treat an RDF file like any text file and simply do a GET and then a regular-expression search.

Thanks for your reply. Actually my rdf source is an index file in turtle format. I don’t want to retrieve whole file because of data privacy in my index data. I prefer just to retrieve the triple I am looking for from my created index source in POD. Do you know how to encode my SPARQL query as a HTTP GET request for SOLID please? I’m using java to send the HTTP GET request from my app. I know address of index file in POD.

I should clarify. When I said “Any RDF file can serve as a SPARQL endpoint,” what I should have said is that any RDF file can serve as SPARQL endpoint for a SPARQL-aware client. I work in JavaScript and use rdflib or Comunica on the client-side to send SPARQL requests. You can also install Comunica as part of the CSS server and that would eliminate the need for specialized clients.

You meant i need to use comunica libraries and my external java app needs to communicate with comunica and comunica will manage the search. AM I right?

If you install Comunica on your CSS installation, yes, correct, you could just send requests from a Java client and Comunica would perform the search.

thank you for reply

If you run into issues installing Comunica, try the Comunica chatroom. Good luck!

Yes I have. Thanks