Request for Your Insights: SOLID vs. Traditional Centralized App Development Survey

Hi All,

I am Siddharth Raut, a postgraduate student from the University of Southampton, UK, specializing in Software Engineering. I am currently conducting research for my dissertation, which focuses on comparing the ecosystems of application development in SOLID and traditional centralized applications.

I have designed a brief survey that aims at gathering insights from experienced developers, who have had the opportunity to work with SOLID. It takes approximately 5 minutes to complete. Your opinion will be insightful and valuable to this study of mine.

I would deeply appreciate your time and efforts in completing this survey. Your perspective will add to our understanding of the contrasting development experiences in SOLID and traditional app ecosystems.

Please find the link to the survey below:

To help me the most, please try to fill this out before the 22th of August so that I can compile the responses and analyze and document them appropriately.

To make the most of your valuable insights, I encourage you to provide detailed responses to the open-ended questions. Your in-depth answers will significantly aid in the comparison and analysis part of my study.

Thank you for considering my request. If you have any questions about the survey or the study, please feel free to contact me.

Best Regards,

Siddharth Raut,

MSc Software Engineering,

University of Southampton, UK