Real Time Solid

This is the discussion forum for the Real Time Solid session at second Solid Symposium.

The primary purpose is for session speakers to interact and coordinate their work. I encourage speakers to introduce each-other.

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Hi there, I am Rahul. I am an independent software developer/researcher from India. I am a Physicist and Electrical Engineer by training. I am developing a prototype operating environment called Syntropize with the aim of decentralizing applications. Syntropize uses Solid to provide decentralized storage for users. That is how I became interested in Solid and Solid Notifications.

I shall be speaking to you about PREP and Solid-PREP. PREP protocol builds on HTTP Semantics as a simple way of providing notifications using HTTP streaming.

I am also a co-author of the Solid Notifications protocol.



I will focus on a basic overview of Solid Notifications with a few short demos.
Details of my presentations are available at:

Hopefully, this will enable everyone else presenting projects using Solid Notifications to focus on more exciting details specific to their work.


Hello everyone, my name is Noel and I’m an app developer. You may have seen some of my apps in this forum:

In my presentation I will talk about how I implemented a local-first approach in my latest app, Umai, and how in the process I ended up creating a general-purpose CRDT solution for Solid Apps.

You can learn more about me in my website:


Hi Folks, I’m George, creator of m-ld: Live Information Sharing, and Principal Research Software Engineer at the UCL Advanced Research Computing Centre.

In my talk I’ll be focusing on the concept of “application independence” and how I’ve chosen to structure m-ld’s support for it. Naturally this relates closely to Solid, and I look forward to discussing ideas with you all.


Hello everyone,

We are three students from Switzerland, currently completing our Master’s in Computer Science. We will be presenting our integrative master project, in which we used Solid Pods and the Solid Notifications Protocol to develop a system for GHG emission tracking and LCA accounting. We’ll discuss how our use case and Solid were a perfect match, along with the architectural decisions we made.

In addition to our project, we each have diverse interests:

Luka is focused on [DSA Regulations]( and the impact of social media in relation to filter bubbles and algorithmic bias.
Lukas is exploring reasoning and web-autonomous agents within the context of LLMs.
Jan is currently seeking ideas for his Master's thesis on ontology development and semantic web annotations.

We are excited to meet everyone and discuss the advancements and opportunities presented by SOLID!

Best regards,

Luka, Lukas, & Jan


Jan is currently seeking ideas for his Master’s thesis on ontology development and semantic web annotations.

He should talk with Sarven who has implemented web annotations in