React-static and Gatsby.js frameworks


I’ve started to refactor Solid-IDE, should be done in next couple of hours. So you should wait on a pull until then. I’ll message you, then go for it. Solid-file-client is mostly agnostic about browsers - doesn’t really care what happens in them. It does not do any user interface or display, (not even console logging in most cases), So I don’t think you’ll actually be changing Solid-file-client. Here’s a suggestion : start with a single form in solid-ide, say the mange-folder form that appears when you click on a green folder icon. Make a react component that gathers current folder data, presents it to the user as a form and then gathers user input and sends it to solid-file-client. The current Vue form does that, and it could easily be replaced with a React component (I would think). That all happens in the index.html and the solid-ide.js - none of the other files in the distro or solid-file-client would need to be involved.


@jeffz Ok thats good about solid-file-client. I will try to change solid-ide piecemeal but I may need to replace all the Vue stuff at once to keep it from interfering with React. In any case I will test it before I make the pull request. Not sure how long it will take so don’t hold your breath!


Wait… ‘mange-folder’ ? Is this a typo?


yes a typo … loans self an “a”


“loans self an ‘a’” … what does that mean?


I am loaning myself the letter “a” in order to spell “mange folder” better. :slight_smile:


I’m trying to figure this out. Do you mean to insult me?


absolutely not I was making fun of myself


Sorry long day, bad sense of humor.


Please be honest. If I’m asking too much please just say so. I do not intend to bother you or be a pest.


@tag42git, I appreciate all of your interest. If and when you evert bother me, I’ll say it directly rather than being snarky. Seriously, the comment was a joke about how I have to make typos because I can’t afford all the letters, had nothing to do with you.


Ok I will let you sleep. I’ve been trying to help developers, average developers like me, adopt Solid. If I’m doing anything to hold you back let me know directly.


I will definitely do that . I’m looking forward to your contributions and appreciate your suggestions, thanks! And I’d definitely put myself in the “average developers” category too.


Ok cool. Keep me posted.