Rdflib.js svg serialization

I hope to adapt a d3 ‘force’ simulation to RDF for rdflib.js, like they did at http://www.visualdataweb.de/webvowl/. I think I’ve figured out how to adapt the arc enumeration in rdflib.js, but I need to learn more about d3, as well as how to possibly use UpdateManager and also if possible how to make an npm package of all that without requiring changes to rdflib.js. All this, or at least the first iteration of it, will only be useful on relatively small RDF resources, due to limitations as they’ve experienced with Webvowl. For bigger resources it would be a bigger challenge and I may never get that far. It probably will require 3d, and some kind of way to keep a small part of the graph in memory and the rest elsewhere.

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