Rating Application Example App by Pieter Heyvaert

Pieter Heyvaert announced in the SOLID chat a great example or Proof of Concept application which integrates data from a Linked Open Dataset and a SOLID Pod to store and retrieve ratings on anime series.
The code is of course open source and there is a screencast to demonstrate the features and functionality of the application.

Code repository: https://github.com/pheyvaer/tadanime

From the chat:

Pieter Heyvaert
Hi all, I’m Pieter, a colleague of @RubenVerborgh and made a POC web app that interacts with a user’s Solid POD. It’s a rating application for anime. It uses a Linked Open Dataset to provide the information of the anime and uses a Solid POD to store/retrieve the user’s ratings of the anime. You can try it out yourself at https://pheyvaer.github.io/tadanime/index.html or check the screencast at https://streamable.com/e0qje. You can find the code on Github, where you can find more information about the technologies/concepts used in the app. https://github.com/pheyvaer/tadanime All feedback is welcome :tada:
Ruben Verborgh
I’m really excited with this app, as it combines public and private Linked Data. What’s also cool is that @pheyvaer coded it to work with anything that has a title and a description, really showing off the power of Linked Data and Solid. Basically, it can be used as a generic rating app to rate anything!
Pieter Heyvaert
Yes indeed. In the search bar you can add any IRI and the code will try to get RDF. If it has something we can use it will add it to the page :smiley:


Thanks Pieter for this excellent POC!

I had some questions related to this example and would like to add them here:

  1. Can you explain a little how you got to the libraries used as dependencies? For me, as a beginner with linked data, there are a lot of new technologies to get to know and it would be interesting to learn why you chose those libraries.
  2. How did you found the https://betweenourworlds.org/ dataset? Is there a search engine available for open-data set collections?
  3. How would I see the ratings of a different user using this app concept? I understand, the shown ratings would only be mine. Would the application need to load the data from a different user in order to combine ratings? I assume this would have to be done on the application side somewhere, before user A can see the ratings of user B and user C sees the the combined rating for all users?

Hi Johan,

Thanks for the feedback! Regarding your questions

  1. A number of the libraries are developed by people our lab (IDLab, Ghent University). So that the first reason. Also some of them get announced on the public mailing lists, such as semantic-web@w3.org. You can always ask these lists for tools/libraries. Twitters is also a good way to find new stuff.
  2. This is a dataset that I maintain! :smile: For new datasets, public-lod@w3.org is used to announce datasets. Other options are to have a look at data.world, LOD Laundromat, LOD Cloud.
  3. Yeah indeed. That is also a question that triggered my interested when working on the POC. The two methods that I can think of right away are that you can either fetch other users’ ratings from their PODs or you could use Linked Data Notification to send your new ratings to your friends, they store it and show it in the app when you open it again. Maybe a combination of the two is also possible.
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