Personal Data Trading: A solution to distribute the wealth generated from data?


I’d like to invite a discussion on distributing the wealth generated from data. One possible avenue is personal data trading as explained in but certainly would want to invite conversation beyond this model. @gideonro


I’m looking forward to reading the personal data trading paper, @MitziLaszlo. This is very aligned with what I’m writing about.

Another model worth looking at is what Colony is doing in the Ethereum world. This is a piece I did based on an interview with founder, Jack du Rose. (excuse the psychedelic graphics - I was playing with new tool back then).


coming from the world of online advertising these days, this is certainly relevant to my interest. My activist roots make me a bit skeptical though, but I really should read the paper first.


Interesting. Though I’m aware of the notion of owning your own data, I never really thought of it being worth anything. :thinking:

Over at Ceptr they talk about holochain being used for keeping personal data encrypted…

But surely it is only massive amounts of data that are valuable? So if users were to directly receive payment, individually, it seems they would be getting a series of micropayments, too small to be of any consequence.

(Excuse me for thinking aloud, but it may be helpful to others trying to wrap their heads around the subject.)

It follows that money gained from users’ data should go toward something for their collective benefit — through the very same decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that users employ to manage their data.

Perhaps it is possible for a distributed network to sustain itself with that revenue alone. Perhaps.

But then there is the question of what to do with the excess, if any is generated. Presumably users would collectively have their say in that.

Very interesting indeed…


Great post ! And personally think that it is very much needed to create a next step in intelligence. Marketing and it’s general purpose to surveil individuals and re-target them is such a cold war thinking.

Honestly, learning and creating the means to strategize personal and or grouped data with friends, family and co-workers is the next step. More or less we are in desperate need of a market principle that allows a direction to be given.

Personally, @spinnit ( we focus on Impact Investing and dubt it, Impact Marketing and is a means to distribute future turnover to crowdfunding, micro loans and charity.

Example, let’s day you are a marketeer and want to target an advertisment to sell products. But at the same time are experiencing grief over the loss of a dear friend that had cancer. Next up is buying data from market places where you solely from people that made their data income partly Impact Focussed and are sharing with cancer research.

I would like to make this point.

Their is no future in a world where consumers copy the behaviour of general surveillance marketing, using data to spy is a very cold future. However, creating independent abilities to distribute future data turnover allows for new intelligence to be build. This could mean that a corporation that is listed on a stock exchange gets a consumer countered analytical principle which bassically states… “how much did you match with the intention to impact the world with your customers” - creating a whole new and moreover horizontal equation between consumers and corporations.

I’m looking forward to read and discuss more on these topics.