Not Authenticated

does anyone konw how to slove the problem of “Not Authenticated” in the Pod

What are you trying to do, and when does this happen? Are you using an app? Writing one? Logging in to your Pod?

We’ll need more details to be able to actually help. As a first guess, if you’re writing an app and are using @inrupt/solid-client, you will probably need to pass the fetch function from the auth library. Read more in the docs.

Thank you so much ! alreadly loved!!
Another question, do you know how to link facebook, instagram to the solid pod?
I am a legal researcher, and want to see how it works. How it can be fullfill the data protection law.

Nobody has built that yet, unfortunately. In an ideal world, Facebook would build that themselves. In reality, they probably never will.

thank you so much for your reply. One more question, The Liqid Chat data now stored in Podpro, how do I get other services to access my data. Thank you in advance.

Those other services need to be built to be able to read the data and present them in a way that makes sense to you. There are some that will read any type of data, but not display it as chats - for example, Penny, or indeed PodPro. I’m not aware if any apps are built to be compatible with the data LiquidChat stores, specifically.