New developer tool: PodPro

Hi @jasminel,

Congrats on this, looks great!

A quick question about the syntax highlighting, did it come straight from Monaco or did you write your own extention for it? Turtle does not show up in the list of supported languages on the Monaco website.


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Thanks @nicolasmondada !

I had to write my own extension for the syntax highlighting because, as you say, Turtle is not supported by default. But Stardog have created a VS Code extension which was a great help and inspiration.

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However, creating a new account does work, so I suppose it’s an issue with CSS. I’ll try to find a solution because it’d be annoying if I have to create a new account every time.

To keep the accounts you can try localtunnel alternative to ngrok for which you can choose a re-usable subdomain.

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Thank you @jasminel, wonderfull tool ! Thanks a lot.
Why I can’t change default prefix ?
When I add new prefix and save it, it disappears on reload…

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Thanks @fluidlog :slight_smile:

I think the default prefixes in containers may be enforced by the Solid server itself, so you can’t manually change them. However, I think you should be able to specify whatever prefixes you like in non-container resources.

Thanks @jasminel for your answer, I will study this track. :slight_smile:

Is it possible to display a popup warning when podpro is disconnect from the server ?
Sometime we are writing a file, we save, we think it’s OK, but when we come back on file, nothing saved. A minute later, we understand we are disconnected… :slight_smile:
(Same problem on multiple solid clients, maybe it’s difficult to control connexion…)

Ah yes, that would be very annoying! It’s currently possible to see when your access token expires by clicking on the user “Authentication Details” icon in the left hand nav bar, but the UI doesn’t explicitly notify you when the token does expire. I will certainly add this to the roadmap as it feels like a very useful enhancement.

Thanks for your feedback! :slight_smile: