.NET, C#, DOTNETRDF for Solid?

Is anyone using .NET, C#, DOTNETRDF for Solid development?

Did you have any luck with .NET/C#? I’m trying to authenticate to the Solid Server and fetch a private LDP container. Just wondering if you succeeded.

Hello, I am starting developping for Solid, and I am locking for an RDF lib. What was your experience with dotNetRDF ? thank you !

I don´t know any library available out there for .Net… But I’ll recommend to you check this great cheatsheet where you can find another libraries available :wink: that could help you as a starting point.

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I’m also interested in a .NET client driver library for interacting with Solid Pods; more specifically, using .NET and C# with the Blazor framework (https://youtu.be/1B1n38WmBm8?t=92).

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I’m also interested in a .NET client driver library for interacting with Solid Pods from simple C#.NET Windows console applications.

Have any of you made progress on this front? I’m also working from a .net C# with Blazor front-end.

Is there still interest in a .NET client for Solid? I’m debating on spending some time understanding Solid and the API and may consider looking into this if there is interest.


Hi all. This is a super early draft, but I blogged about trying to recreate the “First App” Demo in Blazor Server / C#.

I’ve got a supporting repo for the walkthrough here:

This was … not easy. Spent about 2 weeks trying to get this together. But perhaps that’s because I’m not a native web dev guy.

Anyways, hopefully some of you find this useful.

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Hi all.

I’ve also created another example project to reproduce the To Do example app. I just finished this, and haven’t cleaned up nor done a write up on it. Will be busy today, maybe I’ll get to it later.

Hopefully helps others.

Theses are very helpful. You shall propose to include the links in https://solidproject.org

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I’m not sure if my examples are “cleaned up” enough for public consumption yet, but thanks.

I did submit a pull request here as it dawned on me, there might be a bit of confusion that one must use the JavaScript libraries to interact with Solid. That is not the case.