Making your Solid Apps interoperable with


Interesting and useful, but I wonder how others feel about “The first task of any Solid project should be finding the schemas that you’ll use for your data. ShapeRepo includes a search bar to help you track down the shape that you want to use” ?

To me, having to choose a specific existing shape feels a lot like having to choose a file format, which defeats the purpose of being able to follow your nose?
In my view, step 1 is thinking what relationships you want to capture, step 2 is seeing if existing ontologies and shapes meet your need, and step 3 is avoiding compromising and instead doing your own thing if needed. Tools for reshaping data then just need to catch-up…?

No .ShEx file found :worried:.
So not compatible with

I was wondering the same thing, and it looks like there are ShexJ and ShexC views available instead of the default table view:

this url throw me a 404 :worried:

me too, and i think thats part of the problem, considering if you go here:

then it tells you the URI (but not URL / LinkedData) is “

and on this page, it has a “Table View”, “ShexC View”, “ShexJ View”, but no dereferenceable and resolvable URLs.