Jackson C Morgan on deploying ShapeRepo, a service to help you find shapes for Linked Data apps, such as Solid apps

“Just deployed the first version of the ShapeRepo! (https://shaperepo.com) Browse between over 200 schemas to make your #Solid apps interoperable. Reach out if you want to add a shape describing your project.”


Interesting also wrt SolidLoV I think, @tag42git?


We’ve been without electricity or internet for 3 days now, an rumor has it that it will be another 3 days. The storm that caused this wasn’t that bad but it might have been predicted in the Book of Revelation. I don’t know since I haven’t read it yet, because I’m waiting for the comic book version.

Shaperepo sounds awesome but I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet.

SolidLoV is just an early stage collection of use cases right now. It needs more love than I can give it lately.

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it looks like this is using SHEX, correct?

what is the standard shape language being actively developed moving forward, SHEX or SHACL?

I thought one of them has been discontinued, or that only one is being actively updated and maintained.