Is there source code for the react sample


I’ve found the overview for the react sample here but I don’t seem to be able to find a link for the source code if there is one?


The steps shown on the page you linked to will install the source code locally. To view it online, try and


jeffz is right, those are two great links to start. I can talk a little more about some of the repo links as well!

We have a set of standalone React components you can use in any React app. This includes unstyled components such as a login panel, a file uploader, and coming soon, shex-based form generators.

We also have a complete app generator that uses Yeoman to generate a fully working sample application to use as a base for a React application. It’s already fully wired up with tools like LDFlex and has examples of read/write in Solid. Documentation on how to get started is in the repository.

On top of that we also have a style guide you can use (that is also included in the Generator already!). It can be used as a base and of course you can override it with your own branding.

If you want to explore some of the tools we use in the SDK, one of them is handy for reading/writing data and getting used to Solid, called LDFlex. There’s also a playground you can use to test LDFlex queries and learn how it works.


Tx Guys, plenty of stuff to get me going there!