Is there a SoLiD based strapi-like BaaS/HeadlessCMS product?

I found strapi to be a very convenient out-of-box backend, which is branded as a Headless CMS, but I think it is a BaaS (Backend as a service) just like SoLiD, that enable frontend developer to call its CRUD API.

So fronted devs can just write frontend code, and use ready-for-use backend in a click.

But it seems SoLiD is not very famous as a Headless CMS, why? I guess it’s because it needs some wrapping to be a ready-to-use Headless CMS product. I’d like to ask, any products have done this?

There’s dokeli, which is near to the content management space. As for things exactly like strapi? it really just comes down to folks not yet writing the code to glue the systems together.

Some of the work the SolidOS team have done with forms and UIs could also be used in the same space as tools like forestadmin (admin panel for your database).


You can also take a look at Walder, which can use Solid Pods as a source for building websites

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