Is anyone working on a Solid Camera app

I have been working on trying to get a camera app working on solid that can also do live stream. Does anyone have anything in this area they are working on?

Is anyone interested in creating a live streaming cam, I created Solid-Cam awhile back, anyone interested in helping with the code, you can see it here

Hi @adventure sounds interesting, how would that work?

I am open for discussion on that do you have any suggestions?

@jucole here is a sample that allows you to take a photo with cam and save it to solid pod

If you copy and paste the source code from the address above into your own solid pod by creating a file /example.html and reload the page, you can take photos and have them saved to your solid pod.

If you’re going down the cam pic route here’s a nice example of grabbing a pic from the cam and creating a jpg; you could use the solid-file-client to upload that into your pod and then use LDflex
to mod / add the “hasPhoto” rdf.

[edit: ah ok lol you replied while I was posting my comment - nice hack! ]

Yea, thanks to timbl for that one for sure. found it in his pod. I think that if I make that public read write append, anyone can have access and send a photo to my pod. Still working on that one though.

I’m interested in the Live stream possibilities as it would be a must for my little social app i’m building, but i’m not sure you can do much client-side js without using a 3rd party streaming service. I could be wrong but that’s the way i understand it.

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