I wont to make project using solid


i am going to make a project in college in which i am thinking to make a implement in future
so i have think to make a user Login using solid so it can be good for my project as well as used in future.
but probel is that i dont no how to do that can u implement in this work can u guide me please


Hi, you can try use ReactJS to build your project.

Use https://github.com/solid/react-components for login and querying.

You can also uaw Redux ( @rematch/core ) or Mobx, you can use solid-auth-client and solid-file-client to access SoLiD POD as database in these state management frameworks.


You might also want to check out the Solid React SDK by inrupt :slight_smile: It’s getting biweekly-ish updates wrt new features, so something to keep an eye on at least.