How to serve the new-style client IDs?


The Solid-OIDC document recently changed the client manifest requirements to a single JSON object matching an OIDC client registration. Now, if the the client ID contains a fragment, the fragment will be dropped when dereferencing it. Is it intended?

The “Example 1” at [1] shows a single object matching an IRI with a fragment. I guess if I request https://app.example/webid, I will get just this object. Is it correct, or should I expect an array of such client manifests, each with a different @id?


I’m far from the best source on this, but as I understand it indeed there would typically not be a fragment identifier, so I’m not sure why that example uses instead of as a client_id.

Inrupt is adding a new-style client ID to its PodBrowser app, and if we look at the client ID of the preview deployment, it does indeed not use a fragment identifier and only returns a single object. I don’t think you should be expecting an array there.