Registering Client ID for Client App

Hello all,

I finished a client app that interacts with SOLID servers. I was looking through the SOLID-OIDC Primer and noticed their example app had a webID associated with it. How would I go about enabling this for my client application?

Hi! If you’re referring to the diagram in section 4.1, it’s actually incorrect at step 8. It should read “validates redirect url with ClientID”

Section 4.1.7 is also incorrect, arguably, as it uses “webid” to describe a public client identifier document. I’ve opened a PR to try to fix that.

All that said though, it is also possible that a client may have it’s own WebID as well as a Client ID Document. Though, there’s currently no bi-directional link between the two. To gain said WebID, you’d just register as any other used on a Solid Server of your choice. The use-case for this is if your application acts as itself server-side (e.g., an indexer service might have a WebID and a Client ID Document; You’d then grant access to resources via ACP that match on the WebID and the Client ID IRI, meaning that both the client and the WebID need to match to allow access to the resource)

For typical Solid OIDC usage, this isn’t that common though.

The current Editor’s Draft of the Solid OIDC Primer also clarifies this a bit: Solid-OIDC Primer

Hi gaz009,

You can take a look at this running example here: My Move: A running example

You can also check out for getting a managed WebID for your application.