clientId in ttl for authOptions?

Hi everyone!

I was working with solid-ui-react and was wondering if the clientId value passed in the Login authOptions could be the URI pointing to a resource declared in a turtle document, instead of the documented JSON-LD.

I ask because I want to represent my app in Turtle along with all my other turtle files, and I want to represent my app (my client) as more than just a collection of attributes for authentication.

What are your thoughts? :nerd_face:

Hello @danielbakas,
The client ID must be dereferencable as the documented JSON-LD document, because that’s what the OpenID Provider will expect when looking up authentication information. However, that doesn’t prevent from performing content negotiation: based on the Accept header, you could return a different document depending on the requested serialization. The expected JSON-Ld document is also an open shape: if you add more properties than the ones that are mandatory for authentication, that will not be a problem fro the OpenID Provider.

Does that help?


This is great @zwifi! Thank you so much! :smile: