How to restore two factor auth for this forum

Sorry, but I cannot find any way to re-scan the two-factor setup? I am logging in on a new device and the forum asks for my two factor code … unfortunately I have gotten a new mobile phone in the meantime, so I haven’t registered my Google auth with the forum here.

I remember something about scanning a code when I signed up … assuming that is right, where can I then scan that again?

(The FAQ section could use something about this)

After some searching, it turns out you cannot restore two-factor login on a different phone. The choice I have found are:

  • Resurrect the old phone, disable two-factor login with it (you need the 2F code for this) and then activate it from the second phone.

  • Convince an administrator to disable 2F for your account (this should be rather difficult to avoid social attacks). The enable it again from the second phone.

  • Use the 2F backup codes you can copy from the 2F setup. But you need 2F to access this … so it must be done before ditching the old phone.