How to declare a default app to open a file in the POD?

Likes I’m shearing a markdown file in the POD, and shear its link to my friends.

How can I declare that I prefer my user to use to open it? And let it open by that editor automatically.

If my friends wants it be opened by an app likes solid-ide, then they will paste this file’s URI into solid-ide, but if they click this URI directly in telegram, how can I choose a app for them?

I thought that file-type and/or file-extension where meant for that. Data should be agnostic of the app that create it but not the format.

May be you are looking to something else.

By the way I found that Solid uses npn mime-type in lib/resource-mapper.js. lt could be nice in solid-file-client in lieu of the table.

usage in node-solid-server is a bit broken until release/v5.0.0 becomes stable and servers upgraded to it. Currently the extension is given consideration

I see it coming; wanting to get to use it hopefully soon

I guess that many apps will allow passing a file-link in their url, so you can send a link to the app and give it the information where the file is located.

For instance the solid-ide allows passing a url=https://…/file.ext parameter.

If the app doesn’t support it, I don’t know how or even if this would be possible.