Hole punch your POD to the world

This is an idea that just popped up with me (while scanning for potentially confusing public communication) and just want to leave out here:

On Use Solid / Use Solid Apps there are 2 ways to get started: either pick a provider (2 listed) or - told to be the best option - self-host. I always indeed prefer the latter, but it is a techie-only thing, and it is a lot of hassle. The doc rightfully says “We would like to make self-hosting a more user-friendly option in the future”.

I know about Dat Foundation and how they use NAT translation to gossip data between peers. And also I knew about ngrok and thought:

Wouldn’t it be a great hosting option for Solid if you were happily working offline in your application with data nicely podded, and then - whenever you decide - click a button, and the application punching a hole through your local network and firewall and creates a secure tunnel to the public internet that exposes your POD?

You are the experts whether that is feasible, but if it is (and I think that could well be so), it would be a great option for any non-technical user to use Solid without any friction.


ngrok exposes local servers behind NATs and firewalls to the public internet over secure tunnels.

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I could not agree more with you… Self-host a POD is something actually reserved for developers with experience.

I hope to see more people jumping into the Solidverse in the coming months, trying to contribute and helping towards achieve a more user-friendly option in the future.

From now, seems like a dream so far… But little by little we need to build up this Solid world we want :slight_smile:

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