Holacracy CCO Implementation


Good afternoon @Smag0, I am one of the team members working on implementing the CCO Ontology with current existing Solid Apps. We wanted to thank you for reaching out to work with our team! @JimSchoening and the rest of the team are excited to start working directly with Solid community members.

I think the next best course of action would be to set up a meeting with myself, @JKReynolds and @Dylan24Martin in order to discuss what terms would be needed to cover your holacracy organizational structure.

What would be the best way to contact you?

Here is a link to the original thread: Common Core Ontology with Linked Data

-Jacob McConomy


Hi @JacobMcConomy,
it’s not simple for a meeting, I’m in France & i’m not really confident for a call, beacuse of my poor english, I’m french, and can read / write english, but I’ve got some problems to speak fluently and to understand ;-( …

As I said, i’d like to represent the Holacratie Constitution https://github.com/holacracyone/Holacracy-Constitution/blob/master/README.md

This is normally used for the management in an entreprise, but I think it can be applied for many situations, so I’d like to have something really universal that reflects really the reals entities, and that’s why CCO looks great to me.

For the moment, most important terms are defined at this URI https://holacratie.solid.community/public/holacratie.ttl .
A webapp can read this definition and follow uri to detailled Schema for each at https://holacratie.solid.community/public/Schema/
Then a form is construct with schema’s properties, and when submitted, the submission is stored in appropriate folder, like https://holacratie.solid.community/public/Tension/ for a submission of the “Tension” form.

The links between all terms are not defined yet and I hoped that the experience of your team could help me to have a “robust” schema.

You can browse that POD at https://scenaristeur.github.io/spoggy-simple/?source=https://holacratie.solid.community/public/ (double-clic on a node to open it)

made with Spoggy https://scenaristeur.github.io/spoggy-simple/?source=https://holacratie.solid.community/public/Schema

I hope to be enough clear, if not let me know…


I think this is clear, let me work with our team’s Ontologist to see how the Common Core Ontology (CCO) already supports terms you will need and what we will need to add. I will get back to you with any issues or questions we have as we progress on the task.

-Jacob McConomy