Help with setting up a lab for POD Hosting

I am looking for some contract help setting up a lab environment for hosting Solid PODs as a service. I need help to erect the environment on a cloud server, and provide my team/partner with some basic overview of working with PODs.

If interested, let’s hop on a call this week.

PM me, thanks


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we have some rough info at Setting up Node Solid Server · Solid

additional I have experience setting up NSS on Nginx and published it here Documentation · GitHub

you would need a dedicated machine running e.g. Debian.

[edit a day later] case you can use docker GitHub - angelo-v/docker-solid-server: Containerized version of node-solid-server


Might be @RubenVerborgh might be of help wrt setting something up with CSS

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Thanks, found some help with this.

Much appreciated. Getting some traction now, will keep you up to date in the forum. thanks