Handholding tutorial on setting up a Solid Server

I just need a tutorial with a bit of handholding, easy to follow tutorial on setting up a Solid Server on a debian based linux distribution.

Something like this?


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I’ve been working on a more step by step version of setting up the solid server in a docker container, but haven’t completed it yet.

Is there a spot you are stuck on?

Not sure, I’m not a system administrator, just the guy with the $8 to spare for a cheap VPS. I think it’s the nginx forwarding, do I need Apache w/ Nginx or can Nginx handle all the duties to serve a web page and the Solid server?

I set up a Solid POD server on my home computer that has Linux Mint on it. There is a handholding step-by-step tutorial at https://solidpodit.com/solid-pod-server-creation/