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Hi all!

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  1. I recently wrote a feature request for GitHub to support Solid.
  2. I’m writing this post to inform the feature request I made to the GitHub community here.
  3. I’m interested in helping the GitHub community and the Solid community
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Looks like that discussion was deleted; but also, “why?” — why does it make sense for GitHub right now to have solid pods?

If you want to have your github data stored in a solid pod, that’s frankly never going to happen; If you wanted to store git repos in Solid, I’d probably suggest not: it’s not optimised for that sort of usage — given how git stores data — so it’d end up being a very slow user experience, and your pod would end up having millions of tiny files which would make any “file browser” interface to your pod near unusable.

It’s okay to have multiple different systems, if you’re looking at self-hosted Git, then I’d recommend GitLab or Gitea.

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  1. So… my account has been blocked, I’m waiting for GitHub to release my account again.
  2. My idea is to store my issues/messages/discussions in a pod.
  3. Now about Git(repos), my idea is that Git is saved through Hypercore/IPFS/Bittorrent.
1. Concept

2. Concept


In which case, what you would end up with is a read-only copy of the issues/discussions/etc in the Pod, as there’d be no way to push modifications back to github (unless you did some sort of client-side github oauth thing maybe). You might be interested in this for getting data from github into somewhere else (though I’m not sure it still works): GitHub - yoshuawuyts/github-to-hypercore: Stream a github event feed into a hypercore

You could however, create a solid app that replicates functionality of GitHub on top of Solid (though it’s kinda complex to do, and you’d need to use activity streams and inboxes/outboxes, and loads of other stuff to make the social aspects work), and then just disable the features in github that you have elsewhere.

I think there was also a git over dat/ipfs project as well, I remember hearing about it at one of the Data Terra Nemo conferences, but I also recall it being pretty inefficient compared to how git works with https / ssh backends.

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There’s also:

Which are projects that 1) replace github, 2) provide storage for git data via an adapter, but really, you’d have to ask: how would you structure git data on Solid in order to make querying and mutating it efficient and fast.

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You might also be interested to look at my post today highlighting an article by Free Software Conservancy about Github and how forge federation might open and democratize the.ecosystem:

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I come here from the Gitea / ForgeFriends community and want to inform you, that this (ActivityPub support) is something planned:

If you are interested, please stop by at and introduce yourself.

@ThisIsMissEm Do you happen to know of some link explaining the intersection of ActivityPub / ActivityStream and SoLiD? I can imagine, that there’s synergy here. Likely another topic, though.


I have tried to establish that in How Solid and ActivityPub complement each other best and on SocialHub with a related topic:

There is community interest, and some projects explore combining the technologies, like @srosset81 with ActivityPods.

From the Solid Project itself there wasn’t much interest it seemed, maybe due to time constraints or different directions. ActivityPub spec co-author Christine Webber (@cwebber) has tried to reach out to discuss ACL’s but AFAIK was never contacted. They are currently working on Object Capabilities (among others) in The Spritely Networked Communities Institute.