Geolocation Solid Apps

Opening this thread as a place for people building Solid apps related to geolocation.

This is a good place to meet others and discuss the data interoperability of common data sets used.

If anyone knows any more Solid navigation apps please do share them here.

Solid World June has a geolocation theme.

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This is quite funny :slight_smile:

I came to Solid because I wanted to build a geolocation game.

Then I realized that it would not be feasible to know the accurate location of all your friends, so you would only push your location to your closest friends (or those that have the least accurate information, weighted by your distance to them).

So I wanted to implement something to let your friends push their location to your pod.

But then it required control permission to give write access to your friends on some resource. So I started to dig around granting permissions…

Long story short, I am interested in the long run :slight_smile:

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Great to hear @divoplade!

Maybe you have a question for the Solid World June keynote speaker @SharonStrats who is specialised in this subject.

If you pop it here I’ll be sure to ask it for you at the end of the presentations.

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