Ess Table, Airtable app on Solid

What do you think of a AirTable like app.

A user can store many workspaces on his POD and share it with a url like this one (login & refresh to see on of my workspace)

A workspace can have many databases (on the POD or on a remote POD(todo))

A database is organized with Tables
And a table group records with an easy way to add Table column / Record Fields

Once connected & authorized (todo) we could easy collaborate on data

Very experimental for now but suggestions / contributions & feedback welcome on repo issue Issues · scenaristeur/ess-table · GitHub


@mthorner templates shouldn’t be really hard forking this base
and his three tables

should give you a similar thing to the Airtable Project Manager

Must improve Fields but for now if you only play with “Single Line Text” on Field type, you should see your data on your POD like here

And can have same acces on your mobile, cause the web app access data on your Pod

I will quickly reimplement the switch button to swith ‘public/private’ so one can have private workspaces/bases/tables/records too :wink: → done
it’s up to you to build a contact base like this one Employee directory Template - Free to Use | Airtable that could be build as a Solid Group (i’ve expermimented groups with then you could give (owner/read /write) acces as any Solid Resource

with project tracker template