Edit GeoJSON in RDF format on a Solid server

I had a go at a basic app to create and edit geographical data on a Solid server.
It’s probably not ready to be a public-facing app, but I thought it might be of interest to people here: https://github.com/josephguillaume/edit_rdf_geojson

It would be useful to have a generic good looking file selector for Solid Pods.
How have others been solving this?
Here’s my basic attempt: https://github.com/josephguillaume/edit_rdf_geojson/blob/master/scripts/solid_browser.js
It optionally remembers the last file selected as a cookie.

I also came across a bug in rdflib.js that prevented enumerating containers in pages that return html by default (fetch just sent Accept:*/* for all requests) https://github.com/linkeddata/rdflib.js/issues/426
Has anybody else run into this issue, or is it a recent browser change?


I just ran into a similar issue with ldflex this week. The NSS Content Negotiator might be the cause. Have a look at this issue.

In my case the browser was definitely sending the wrong Accept header - it wasn’t the server’s fault, so it might be a separate issue.