Support for file:// - need help testing

Hi all. I’ve released Solid REST file which is included with solid-auth-cli, which is included in rdflib and soon in query-ldflex when used in nodejs. The library accepts file:// IRIs and sends back a full HTTP response object including status and headers. All of rdflib’s fetcher methods are supported including reading a folder - it returns a Turtle Container representation created on-the-fly.

The readme and tests show examples of using the library in rdflib in nodejs - basically just require solid-auth-cli and feed it to the fetcher and thereafter you can use file:// in rdflib fetcher commands (load, putBack, webOperations, etc.). If you use solid-auth-cli’s login, you will have rdflib read-write access to your POD and to your local filesystem at the same time.

The library is obviously OS dependent so I need as many testers as I can get. To test : git clone or download the git repo and run npm test. [EDIT: this way of testing works, the ways I suggested before editing didn’t]

Please post test reports and make sure to include your OS and version.


P.S. because of CORS this does not work in the browser, though I am working on a browser-extension to use it.


Thank you for providing this. I have always done my processing either in https: space or in file: space depending on what was most convenient, with the same files occurring in both spaces. Up till now the file:// stuff has generally been command line python programs, but with this I should be able to start using more and mode node command line tools on them in file:// space, which I am happy about!