Draft a Book with Chapters and Illustrations in a Pod where data can be used to print a PDF Book

Where to start to develop an App that would give a creator tools for adding and modifying text, illustrations (I presume Markup language) that remains on his pc until it would be ready to be published in PDF form.
The book receives a unique publishing number and version number from our organization.
The book can also contains annexes (any media file) encrypted or public depending on the creator’s choice.

As a newbie I would love to explore the possibilities or work together with anyone who can help.

Hi Dick, I’ve built some apps with Solid and your project seems to be nice.
If I understand, the user build is book with medias on his computer the he publish it on your pod. Is it correct ?

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CreaFree developed a standard who defines the elements that are needed to secure an intellectual property in a book form. With our guidance anyone can start documenting his/her idea on their own platform, like a Pod. Once all elements are described our NGO delivers a unique hash for this book, what we call a Creabook. The elements are then published in a PDF form on our website to allow anyone to discuss the authenticity of the creation.
This is the first step of the Standard. An economic evaluation by experts will assign a value to the IP and the Creabook becomes a NFT on the Blockchain ready for investment with the value as guarantee. The Creator remains the author of the Creabook and his IP is fully protected by international laws. The Standard supersedes Patents. To explain this I suggest you read the books from Prof. Alain Souloumiac who is the creator of the Standard. You can find his books on Amazon.