Digita Connect

Name of Application: Digita Connect
Icon of Application:
Application Homepage: https://digita.ai
Report issues at: support@digita.ai

Description: Organisations can use Digita Connect to connect to the pods of their stakeholders (e.g. citizens, customers, employees, …) and then read data from or write data to these pods. Digita Connect is highly configurable and can (among others) take care of consent management, caching, data transformation, and synchronisation.

Author Name: Digita
Author Homepage: https://digita.ai
Author Contact: hello@digita.ai

Open Source (yes/no): No
License (if open source): /
Code Repository: /
Donate to the project at: /
Additional Screenshots:

Can we use this application? The application link just links to Digita’s website at the moment… (And if not, looks like it should at least link to Digita Connect — Digita :slight_smile: .)