Developing solid/solid-panes


My post is two-fold;

  1. What is the best way to test while developing the panes in solid/solid-panes actually?

  2. And what is on the roadmap for the apps in panes. I read that a lot of work is done on new UI, but I haven’t found out where this work is being organized. Will the apps in “panes” be deprecated and superseded by the new generation of Solid apps?

The current suite of app panes is not super recent and I see refactoring and bug-fixing could be useful, but it would be a shame to invest a lot of time into this if the current “panes” concept will be replaced by new apps.



I too am interested in developing apps but have been wondering which direction client development will take. I’ve heard it said that you either use a framework or you end up inventing one. If that’s true then I think it will help encourage independent developers to at least discuss the general direction.


You test a new version of solid-panes, one way is to git clone both solid panes and mashlib in sibling directories, and then tweak the package.json to put in a relative link to the solid-panes directory instead of the dependency to a version number. To help do this there is an example for each form which you can paste in. Run npm install and npm run build:dev to make mashlib/dist/mashlib.js

  "dependenciesFile": {
     "rdflib": "file://../../linkeddata/rdflib.js",
     "solid-panes": "file://../../solid/solid-panes"
  "dependencies": {
     "rdflib": ">=0.19.0",
     "solid-panes": ">=1.1.18"
  "dependenciesBackup": {
      "rdflib": ">=0.17.0",
      "solid-panes": ">=1.1.18"

Switch the current dependencies to the file ones where you want to test the mashlib with a local development code. It builds a mashlib.js in the dist directory. Copy to that to where your server gets its mashlib.js from. Its easiest to debug if you use the mashlib.js rather than the minified version. Hope that makes sense.


I use @timbl’s technique, but instead of altering package.json, I do npm ln rdflib solid-panes, and then in the local rdflib and solid-panes folders npm ln.


Thank you for the instructions! I had (eventually) figured out the package.json switch; that’s a new technique to me. I also didn’t know about npm link ( either. So double-score!