Deploy the new app into Community Solid Server

Hi We have created a node.js search app by using Comunica library engine, and we like to deploy the new app into Community Solid Server. We need to define a route for search app to be communicated by an external application. Any idea how the Community Solid Server can be extended by adding a new app? How to define the route for new app? Thanks.

Hi Reza

I don’t know the exact process to integrate a new route into the CSS, however following resources could help you get onwards:

Essentially, I’d suggest to understand how CSS adds the routes for eg OidcHandler and then use a similar logic to add your route with your component. The above links should help with that.

And also, I think if you’re stuck it’s easier to reach people with more knowledge about CSS in the discussions section on the repository.

I hope this helps as a starter, Good luck :slight_smile:

It sounds like you want to create a new Component - there is an example hello-world component here to show you how to do this.

However, I would not necessarily recommend defining your own custom query API like this, because if your client-side app depends on that API existing then your app won’t work with other Solid server deployments and won’t comply with the Solid Specification. For the moment, it is generally a better idea to be using Comunica (probably a link traversal build) on the client-side and having it query over the Document API from the client.

That said; if your app uses this query API as a performance optimization, and can still work with the actual Solid API (for instance by using Comunica on the client-side when this API isn’t available); then this is great work - and I would say full-steam ahead!

P.S. If you have other CSS specific questions you will probably have a better response time if you ask over here; and your response is more likely to be from one of the core maintainers :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help

Thank you for giving information