Decentralized Social Media

I was hoping that one day we would be able to use solid to do many things. One of them was, I wanted to be able to make a comment about a post on twitter with facebook and have it stored on my solid pod.

I have been experimenting with that Idea and came up with

I know that there are many people out there that want to limit speech, and want you to be signed into your solid pod to make a comment but, that is not necessary when you decentralize a post from a comment.

I really think we need an app that reviews the media and what they are putting out to the masses. We need to have some type of verification of what is being stated, if its fake news, or verified.

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I agree that there needs to be filtering of fake news, but I think people need the ability to do it on an individual basis. One person’s fake news is another person’s gospel truth. Solid is perfect for that. Natural Language Processing filters can be kept in pods on an individual basis, so that there is no central authority deciding what is fake. Using the filters, processing content against them, should also be decentralized and either done in clients or in some kind of pod plugins.