Granularity of Solid pods

With Solid, would I be able to authorize sites, like social networks, to see/publish individual comments or posts, or would it be “everything”, as in “I authorize MeWe or FB to access all my data or posts or comments?”

Further, if the answer to this question is “yes, you have control over individual pieces of content”, would I be able to set different levels of authorization per application - as in “FB can see this, but Instagram cannot”?

Finally, would this require individual pods, as in one pod per post or comment?


My understanding is that yes you can authorize everything regardless of level of granularity. And yes you can authorize different things to different apps. But no, neither of those will require separate pods.

You can create statements roughly like this, and “resourceA” can be a folder, a file, a file fragment, or any level of granularity of resource.

@prefix : <>.
[a :Authorization; :accessTo <resourceA>; :origin <appX>; :mode :Read, :Write].
[a :Authorization; :accessTo <resourceA>; :origin <appY>; :mode :Read].