Converting a large workflow to SOLID

I have built a SOLID app (in ASP.NET C#).
But I have a large workflow that calls 7+ injected Objects to do some of the work( and thats all good).
But I have 18 dependant Lists (including 4 auditing lists) that call different methods of the main workflow which needs to add items to OR update items in the 18 lists. These lists are changing state during the workflow.

I would like to have a separate class for each step of the workflow. Each step can update from 6 (including 4 auditing lists) to 18 (commit to Data store) lists.
I don’t real want to have methods/constructors that take 18 parameters

What is the best S.O.L.I.D. approach for such large dependent workflows?

Well… I am an idiot. :blush:

All I need to do is create another class structure to hold all these lists and pass those via the Interfaces.
Good to testing too.



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