Call for user research participants!

Hi friends :wave:. I’m the Product Designer at Inrupt, and I’m here to put out the call for research participants!

At Inrupt, we regularly conduct research to make sure we are building products that are useful and usable for everyone. Our research includes surveys, usability testing, and interviews.

Your time is important to us so we always try to make our research short, engaging and fun.

We will never use your email to send you anything but the research we are conducting. Your responses and participation will always be anonymous. You can opt out anytime.

If this sounds interesting to you, sign up here!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks! :v:


Just had a superior UX with Typeform. It’s so good that some random such as myself made a public statement about it. Here is the public statement about it. Participate in the first official Solid Community Survey! - General Discussion - Solid Community Forum

Still cool with all who are having good trust levels with the web entity known as `Goo

@KyraAssaad could you please sign me up for this research? Have done the Community survey, where have given my e-mail address. If not possible then am fine with a non-response.

Solid is spec,