Basic Data Browser User Guidance

An instantiated Solid Pod includes a default Read-Write Data Browser that provides a tool for visually interacting with data associated with applets (panes), documents (dataset collections), and folders (document collections) – these are collectively known as resources.

Interactions include the following:

  • Creating a Folder
  • Creating a Document in a Folder
  • Creating an Applet/Pane in a Folder
  • Granting Access to a Folder – scoped to WebID lists and/or Groups comprising several * WebIDs
  • Deleting an Applet/Pane from a Folder
  • Deleting a Document from a Folder
  • Deleting a Folder

Effective use of these features requires a basic understanding of the core behavior of the Data Browser UI/UX:

  • Mouseover events trigger revelation and hiding of the actions panel (or strip)
  • Drag and Drop is the primary UX-pattern for moving documents around – e.g., creating Access Controls that constrain access to an App, Document, or Folder.



Thank you for this post Kingsley. I am still looking how we can rename resources and folders?

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If you have ssh access to our pod you can simply log in and rename the folder.

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