Storing Events of an agent in a pod

Hi there, we searching for a solution to store events of an agent in his POD.
I found the SolidCalendar app, but i didn’t get it running. Is somebody out
there who’s doing similar stuff? @Dylan24Martin are you still working on the app?

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I stored some events at using vocabulary. But I wrote the data by hand, so no app to do it (yet).

Within the data-browser you can create pim:Meetings:

Hmm, what kind of data browser is it? My Toolbar looks like this image

Yes toolbar depends on you profile : Basic Solid User, Developer, powerful User… “To avoid misused” . You can change yours in the preference page, above the ‘trusted apps’ panel :wink:

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And with maj + click you can have multiple selection . Example : power user and developer

i didn’t understand “maj” ??

Sorry. On an English keyboard it is shift + click