Announcement: 5.0.0 Beta Series


For the record - after upgrading to beta 8, my installation seems to work much better! I can now successfully create and use the addressbook and chat, without errors.

I can also create a notepad that looks normal, but can not add any text to it - the moment I enter text in the input field, I get this error:

Error undefined sending data: Web error: 409 (Conflict) on PATCH of <>

This error was there before the upgrade though, so nothing new. I can submit a bug report if it’s not a known problem yet.

But all in all - beta 8 is a good improvement! :slight_smile:


@rimmartin Not sure if this is what is going on, but I note that the spec refers to acl:default but that the current server seems to use acl:defaultForNew in the auto-generated ACL files.