Announcement: 5.0.0 Beta Series


Very strange, @adventure. I can’t reproduce. Do you have anything more in terms of errors or something? Web Console output, perhaps?


That was very strange, I believe I was signed into another pod while trying to login. Works just fine on my laptop. If thats not a rookie move, I don’t know what is. Sorry about that.


No problem at all! It sounds like we have an UX issue there anyway!


Any documentation how to authorize an app to acess/read/write to a folder and it’s subfolders?

The correct format for setting this in an .acl file?

acl:origin <http://localhost:8888/>;
acl:origin <https://localhost:8888/>;

is enough and goes where exactly?


I’ve found I can add an editors section in the public/.acl file to let my app have read write on the folder.

# Editors hav all read/write
    a acl:Authorization;
    acl:agentClass foaf:Agent;
    acl:accessTo <./>;
    acl:default <./>;
    acl:origin <http://localhost:8888>;
    acl:mode acl:Read, acl:Write.

And see

under “Sharing for folder public”

But how to make setting under “Access to things within this folder”?

I’m sensing this is why I can’t get a single REST to work in the public folder


Oh, sorry, for some reason Discourse didn’t send a notification for your previous response.

So, your own origin (in this case https://localhost:8888 ) will always be trusted, so you don’t need to set that explicitly. The origin needs setting to indicate trust in other apps that should be able to access your data.

I’m not so into the frontend part of that, i.e. how you do it in the UI. Perhaps you should open another thread about that?


I didn’t do it by the frontend; just used it to observe if anything changed after editing the .public/acl by hand and learning if


was the right name for the section. Is there any .acl docs that say what is possible?

I’ll try to make a small test case so I can illustrate what {'m seeing with “User unauthorized”

Are there any end-to-end REST’s tests that aren’t committed to the repository? If not I will make some especially if I know what test framework you like


The ACL doc is basically the specification. If you are hitting “User unauthorized”, then it is not the origin that is the problem, it would have said “Origin Unauthorized” if it were.

So, the end-to-end REST tests is basically next up on my agenda, but I need to release 5.0.0 first, and then, we’ll look into a test framework. Great if you’d like to participate!


Ah thanks. I’ll do some more exploring