Achieve-proxy (node.js) early release

I’ve been working with Solid for weeks now - a lot of time spent getting it to work on Windows.

Motivated by work with Solid, I decided to add proxying capability to the Achieve server.
I started building Achieve about 4 years ago for use in a beginning programming course.
Easier to use than Express and it fit perfectly into the teaching scheme.
I’ve since added a list of professional features to it.
Adding custom proxying to it seemed interesting. (I generally enjoy building basic tools, frameworks, etc.)

Achieve runs back-end “JavaScript servlets” (inspired by Java, which I used in Programming 2.)
Now “proxy servlets” run the proxy code in the achieve-proxy module.
The result is a server that runs proxies (many to many) on the same server:port as other web apps.
Other non-proxy servlets can use the proxies as well - which provides lots of interesting options.
(I think it’s explained well in a few examples - code included.)

This early release seems pretty stable but some features need improvement.
For solid - the big problem is that I haven’t found the right combination for authorization.
My server is set-up for OIDC.
So, I’m only able to get public resources so far.
I’ve spent time trying and have asked for help in the forum on this.

If anyone is willing to try the proxy, I’d like to know if it works on Linux.
It should, but all my development and testing has been on Windows.
Please feel free to raise issues on github.

Hope nobody minds if I plug Achieve a bit more. v1.0 was purely built for a programming course. Students could do synchronous servlets that return strings very easily using a return statement; i.e.
return “Hello World!”
and Achieve would take care of the response.
No need to restart the server when a servlet is changed and errors do not crash the server, but return error messages to the browser for display in the console.
To me, it seems pretty nice to use, so I used it to deliver course material, including video tutorials and then began adding features …